Water Rates

Water Rates

The Water Board of Lemesos (WBL), exercising the powers granted from Article 40 of the  Water Supply (Municipal and Other Areas) Law, issued with the approval of the  Council of Ministers, new regulations which were published in the Official Gazette of  the Republic of Cyprus. The new regulations apply from 1/1/2019.

Under these Regulations, fees, rates and deposits imposed by WBL, are revised as follows:

1. Water charges

a) Residential tariff per 4-monthly period (VAT rate 5%)

Fixed Charge 16,00
Maintenance charge 6,00


From (m³) To (m³)
1 40 0,90
41 80 1,43
81 120 2,45
121 and over 5,00

b) Residential tariff for large families per 4-monthly period (VAT rate 5%) (please see the note below)

Fixed Charge 16,00
Maintenance charge 6,00


From (m³) To (m³)
1 40 0,90
41 100 1,43
101 160 2,45
161 and over 5,00

Note: These water rates apply in the cases of large families with four (4) or more children aged up to 22 years.

c) Commercial - Industrial tariff per 4-monthly period (VAT rate 5%)

Fixed Charge 124,00
Maintenance charge 6,00


From (m³) To (m³)
1 400 1,25
401 and over 1,55

d) Charges for football stadia, sports pitches etc per 4-monthly period (VAT rate 5%)

Fixed Charge 124,00
Maintenance charge 6,00

Consumption: €0,90 per cubic meter

2. Deposits (please see the note below)

Residential Consumers  
For landlords
For tenants
Commercial – Industrial Consumers 500,00
Common use accounts for blocks of flats 250,00
Construction of water meters trunk (amount per each meter) 50,00

Note: Extract from the Regulations - article 20(1)

Every consumer that:
(a) is an individual, must submit to the Board identity card or passport, and in case of a tenant (renting premises from another owner), the Board reserves the right to ask for the submission of a rental agreement.
(b) is a legal entity, must provide the company’s seal, the company’s certificate of incorporation, shareholders’ certificate, certificate of Registered Office and Directors’ and Secretary’s certificate.

3. Water charges for selling water to non-registered consumers under the Regulation 21(3)

Community Councils (VAT rate 5% - charge per m³) 1,80
Water supply to ships (VAT rate 0% – charge per m³) 5,00
Connection fees for ships at the Lemesos port (charge per connection) 20,00
Annual license for transportation and sale of water 100,00

4. Other fees

New meter installation fees (including VAT 5%) 210,00
Water supply fees for construction projects
Building area fee per m²
From 451 m2 to 1.950 m²
Over 1.951 m2

Water supply fees to plots of land (charge per plot)
Up to 2 plots
Up to 4 plots
Up to 10 plots
From 11 plots and over
Check meter fees (including VAT 5%) 420,00
Reconnection fees of a water meter (including VAT 5%) 35,00
Accuracy test of a water meter (VAT rate 19%) 35,00

Rates for supply of water to ships

From 1st January 2017

The selling price of water supplied to ships within the Lemesos port is €5,00/m³ and the rigging fee €20.

The overtime wage charges are based on the actual cost of the time worked by the Water Board employees at the Port.

The overtime wage charges which are mentioned below are reduced proportionately according to the number of ships being concurrently supplied:

Daily after 3:30pm: €40 per hour.

Weekends and holidays: €55 per hour. 

Furthermore, for warships that remain connected with a WBL water meter for more than 48 hours  without receiving any water, the rigging   fee is set at €5 per day (over and above the initial €20 rigging  fee).

Τhe Provision of water supply to vessels could be extended up to 8pm,  with the relevant overtime charges applied after 3:30pm.

For the  supply to your vessel, you may  contact the WBL personnel at the Lemesos Port,  in advance, by dialling   telephone number +357-99343278.

Please send in advance all your requests (with all the supporting documentation)   for  water supply after 3:30pm, weekends or Public Holidays,  in writing by e-mail at contact@wbl.com.cy or by fax at  25564382  for examining each request

The total cost for water supplied to ships (especially the ones  with a small diameter water connection)   could be lower if , whenever possible, the supply takes place  during normal working hours (from Monday until Friday 8am -3:30pm) because  there will be no overtime wages charges. 

Payments are accepted only at the Offices of the Water Board of Lemesos at the address shown below.

66, Franklin Roosevelt Avenue, 3012 Lemesos