Water Pricing Workshop

Water Pricing Workshop

Tuesday 24 April 2018 – Atlantica Miramare Beach Hotel, Lemesos, Cyprus



Session 1:  Applications of Water Pricing Policies

“Water pricing policies in Cyprus”, by Mrs Agathi Hadjipanteli

“Water pricing in Cyprus and the cost of water scarcity”, by Dr Theodoros Zachariadis 

                                                                                                & Dr Christos Zoumides


“The pricing of the Dutch drinking water sector”, by Mr Ed Smeets

“Water pricing and the optimal management of the facilities in Spain”, by Dr Francesc Hernandez  

                                                                                                Sancho & Ms Lledo Castellet Viciano


Session 2: Water Tariffs

“JWWA Guideline for water tariff revision”, by Mr Masao Shibuya

“The water sector in Portugal and water tariffs” by Ms Alexandra Cunha

“Tariff systems and water prices in Switzerland”, by Mr Matthias Freiburghaus

“The water tariff system in Romania”, by Enc. Eg. Teodor Popa


Session 3: Network Performance and Financial Considerations

“Smart network: low power or super power?  Implications on the income generation capabilities of water utilities”, by Mr Jan Hammenecker

“Operating cost coverage vs. Water utility complaints”, by Dr Konstantinos Tsagarakis

“Innovation in water tariff”, by Mr Filippo Alfonso Baldaro

“The water rate framework in the context of French regulation: How to ensure an efficient quality service at the best price in a context in motion”, by Mr Stanislas Pouradier Duteil